English Hooligans Caused Mayhem In Euro 2020 Final

Published on Jul 12, 2021
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English hooligans vandalized everything on their way as they walked in big crowds towards Wembley stadium as they were ticketless for the Euro 2020 final.

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  • Derek Ferguson

    Derek Ferguson

    11 hours ago

    Cops were unable to do anything about the trouble as they were too busy getting down on their knee.

  • zoltan greznevics

    zoltan greznevics

    2 days ago

    This is not hooligans only drunk English nobody…. Same like In France running like the child only big mouth 😂
    See you in Hungary 🇭🇺

  • Mauro Candiago

    Mauro Candiago

    2 days ago

    Don't worry. We won't see these images for another 55 years

  • J.ellisツ


    3 days ago

    I’m English and I think Italy deserved the win, but I think all you people in the comments are forgetting that those idiots who are running around causing trouble are a minority. So I politely ask you not to stereotype England for those nutters

  • Pritish Appadoo

    Pritish Appadoo

    3 days ago

    Let us not pretend this was surprising or unexpected behavior at all!

  • Glenn Cumbria

    Glenn Cumbria

    4 days ago

    More reason not to like this stupid game, the moron fans. I watched the last half hour of the final as my family had it on and didn't care if England won or lost, but either way there would have been trouble. Problem is, football is like a disease in this country and criticism isn't allowed, even if millions of people know it's crap.

  • Daddy Pig

    Daddy Pig

    5 days ago

    I'm Italian and not all English are like what we just saw! The world's media is really attacking the western nations at the moment! English people are good people..not all of course..take a look at your own nations and you will see the same behaviour at certain events, being it football, baseball, cricket etc.
    Google how much the British donate to starving nations...now think about it..a small island nation willingly giving its wealth to STARVING PEOPLE...DYING PEOPLE...OF ANOTHER RACE!!
    England your football and drinking culture has alot of work needed to be done on it, but you are a good people!
    May God bless you and guide you 🙏 🇬🇧



    5 days ago

    England boo the Italian national anthem 1 bad moral score point, so the fifa referees let the Italian players behave like slimey animals and cheat there way to penalties 5 yellowcards, 1 bad moral score point, England fans have a boot party on Italian fans heads, final bad moralscore point England 2 Italy 1.. If England fans didn't boo them Italian's would of had at least 2 red card players sent off.. So technically England would have won.. If the knuckle heads didn't boo thanks knuckle heads.. Yah f**ked us.. 🙄

  • Code Lover

    Code Lover

    6 days ago

    Too much angry ppl, Too much angry ppl.

  • DJ RESOURCE Lee Pearson

    DJ RESOURCE Lee Pearson

    6 days ago

    Bundle lands, bundle.!

  • Mallers


    6 days ago

    They aren’t football fans……………..they are hooligans…………..they are rancid and decent English folk cannot stand them either. They are very much like your Trumptard types……………Basically very poorly bred and brought up.

  • Majid Riaz

    Majid Riaz

    7 days ago

    This is England football hooligans no brains no respect for nobody kick them out in future playing football

  • zico


    7 days ago


  • Jason Muñiz-Contreras

    Jason Muñiz-Contreras

    8 days ago

    Justinian do your thing

  • Alan Taylor

    Alan Taylor

    9 days ago

    Please just ban England completely. It would make football a better place.

  • Prathamesh Sawant

    Prathamesh Sawant

    9 days ago

    These little girls were running away back when the Russians where chasing them in Marseille..
    Thanks Bonucci and team for keeping them quiet

  • john johnson

    john johnson

    9 days ago

    I remember when you fat pub hooligans met the russian ex army hooligans and you english pretenders got beat to shit, Germany

  • Tok Atum

    Tok Atum

    9 days ago

    absolute mad lads

  • Signore Santino Burnett

    Signore Santino Burnett

    10 days ago

    This has all been conveniently swept under the rug.

  • marco valdo

    marco valdo

    10 days ago

    As an Italian I am happy, but as a sportsman I am even more so. The behavior of the English fans was indecent. Unfortunately they will not learn the lesson. They will remain what they have always been: fanatics, stupid nationalists.

  • Chris Vultaggio

    Chris Vultaggio

    10 days ago

    Biggest losers in the football world. Change your ugly ways England and just maybe Mother Karma will reward you

  • Ramdani Saputra

    Ramdani Saputra

    10 days ago

    English girl hooligans must fucked for stress therapy 🤣🤣🤣

  • J D

    J D

    10 days ago

    Every country has them…but we have significantly more of them.

  • U.E.L.0


    11 days ago

    Why they keep saying 2020, it's 1 year later.

  • donald stewart

    donald stewart

    11 days ago

    BREXIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Now the people of Europe can breathe easily.

  • donald stewart

    donald stewart

    11 days ago

    The most detestable race in the world, loathed and reviled by all honest and decent people around the world.

    • Mick Davis

      Mick Davis

      10 days ago

      Dumbest thing I've ever read 🤣🤣🤣

  • Alex C

    Alex C

    11 days ago

    Where was Kane? He can't kick a penalty? Instead they let teenagers kick. Lol

  • Alex C

    Alex C

    11 days ago

    FIFA is shit. Where are the sanctions for England?

  • Christian Willy

    Christian Willy

    11 days ago

    great song, ID?

  • Nisar Shah

    Nisar Shah

    11 days ago

    Bunch of idiots junkies drunk out of there heads every country is watching these morons breaking into the stadium and vandlising the area england should be no where near in hosting a world cup or this euros until they can behave like humans

  • Anıl Uner

    Anıl Uner

    11 days ago

    I love White English Hooligans so much but they should be relax and lovely guys if they wanna be Champion in World Cup and Euro Cup.

  • Robert Baglin

    Robert Baglin

    11 days ago

    Pity the plod didn’t batter em instead of running away.Not like that in Europe where the real police are in charge and don’t take prisoners.

  • Ranjit jat

    Ranjit jat

    11 days ago

    Thank god England lost the matchs against Italy ... Praise the lord amen

  • Kojina Hyuga

    Kojina Hyuga

    12 days ago

    I'm Italian and. I don't think all Brits are like that, but it must be admitted: too many English fans are violent. There is a problem to be overcome. I would have liked to have played the final in Italy, but maybe it's for the best. But think about how they could have shrunk our cities, hurt our people?

  • MrMervinJMinky


    12 days ago

    Was just a “minority” of the England fans though… 🙄

  • Langsung Buat Langsung Bisa

    Langsung Buat Langsung Bisa

    12 days ago

    England don't have ultras their are Hooligan! It's different!!!

  • Just a Man

    Just a Man

    13 days ago


  • M M

    M M

    13 days ago

    There's bad people and violence everywhere. Its just that other people dont go around pretending to be superior and more civilised than the rest. Its just showing them the mirror so next time the colonial condescending attitude of being superior rears its head , please remember you are just like everybody else!!!!!

  • Michele Molatore

    Michele Molatore

    13 days ago

    Che ESAPI

  • Beep Boop

    Beep Boop

    13 days ago

    G-Guys what is that I see?, Oh my god are those....CLOWNS?!

  • I G

    I G

    13 days ago

    This rotten country was telling people of the west not to go to World Cup 2018 in Russia, koz barbarians in there.,,,
    Who’s barbarians now.,??
    Btw.. would love to see Russian fans vs brits.,,, I know the outcome.,, remember Marcelle.,?

  • Augis


    14 days ago

    what a shame... english fans should be banned from Europe. for 50 years.

  • John Ruddy

    John Ruddy

    14 days ago

    English: “why does no one like us?”
    Everyone else: ........

    • Mick Davis

      Mick Davis

      10 days ago

      England literally don't care

  • KetamKraB Krazz

    KetamKraB Krazz

    14 days ago

    uncivilized fans...]

  • Merson


    14 days ago

    And we pretend that we are surprised to discover that everyone in Europe dislikes us.

  • Sloan Bishop

    Sloan Bishop

    15 days ago

    a British couple with an 18 month old baby were forced to flee an open air screening of the game in Poggio Torriana near Rimini after being surrounded and attacked by yobs.
    The couple are from Kent and have two children one 18 months and another just two weeks old.
    He is a professional businessman and told The Sun: "Sadly it was one of those things. You get drunk idiots everywhere but you would have hoped not in a small Italian village square.”

  • Onctn


    15 days ago

    uncivilized dogs

  • Ricsic6


    15 days ago

    They didn’t get their benefits!

  • Zull Hamdan

    Zull Hamdan

    15 days ago

    Scotland + Ireland + Wales + Isle of Mann vs England 🙂😎👍👍🙏🙏

  • Giovanni ΠΑΟ

    Giovanni ΠΑΟ

    15 days ago

    Police should hired 100 russians and everything was ok,we all know what happen when english fans meet russians.

  • Rizalino Vera

    Rizalino Vera

    15 days ago

    Thats why England didn't join the EU

  • Елена Румянцева

    Елена Румянцева

    15 days ago

    И эти клоуны еще требовали провести в Англии чемпионат мира 2018.. Мда.

  • Eli Hlavinka

    Eli Hlavinka

    15 days ago

    Horrible people that deserved to lose

  • MawtReisser


    16 days ago

    Make the next Euro in Russia
    We want to see these pussies getting beated again

    • Mick Davis

      Mick Davis

      10 days ago

      Because the rest of Europe are too scared 😂💩🇪🇺🐑

  • lord lucan

    lord lucan

    16 days ago

    True fact....Of all the civilised, developed countries in the world, England is the most hated.

  • orinoco sula

    orinoco sula

    16 days ago

    play stupid games win stupid prizes.

  • Din Hormatov

    Din Hormatov

    16 days ago

    We just need 200 ultra Russians to discipline them all

  • Tasty


    16 days ago

    I swear I’ve seen a title just like this last time.

  • carlo moretti

    carlo moretti

    16 days ago

    ban them from all tournaments

  • Flora& Fauna

    Flora& Fauna

    16 days ago

    Banana republic spectacle. They will never recover from the '*english disease' it seems.
    * Google it.

  • finnigan


    16 days ago

    Sad assholes. Footballs shite anyway.

  • james robertson

    james robertson

    16 days ago

    Ban England from all competitions

  • Stuart Lloyd

    Stuart Lloyd

    16 days ago

    These are just mindless pathetic drunken idiots and I'm a English fan I was shocked and angry after seen this it was shocking and now there turn on our black players abusing them all I can say is well done to England team for getting that far and for our black players support you all the way

  • Curtis Edwards

    Curtis Edwards

    16 days ago

    Try that shit in the Qatar World Cup and they'll be rounded up to have their bollocks chopped off.

  • Google User

    Google User

    17 days ago

    We honestly don't deserve anything, totally lost respect and direction in England

  • monteira77


    17 days ago

    Portugal loss the 2004 final at home against Greece, congratulated them and went to the pub to drown our sorrow. We alway put ourselves in the place of the people who have to clean the streets, replace the windows and fix the park benches, so we don't riot up.

  • Roberto Scarsi

    Roberto Scarsi

    17 days ago

    Che gente brutta

  • Toasty Blend

    Toasty Blend

    17 days ago

    What the hell is this music? I had to turn it off...

  • Kelvin Akuneto

    Kelvin Akuneto

    17 days ago


  • Sa1999


    17 days ago

    Please don’t judge English fans based on a tiny minority of thugs. Most of England watched the game, tens of millions and all behaved fine. Unfortunately, this happens all over the world. The U.K. media is very good at putting it under a microscope. These fans are an embarrassment!
    also, anyone saying that they are glad England lost because of this, you are seriously delusional if you don’t believe the same would have happened in Rome

  • Paul F

    Paul F

    17 days ago

    England always been hated as we saved Europe and then left it ,see ya 😩

    • Paul F

      Paul F

      17 days ago

      darksider where you from Bruv ,don't believe MSM

  • Rosim Mangkeng

    Rosim Mangkeng

    17 days ago

    That's why everyone hates England...Boycott England 2030 World cup

  • Potatomahonman


    17 days ago

    At least the English were destroying their own cities this time

  • Experts Say

    Experts Say

    17 days ago

    Maybe corporate seats should not sit empty.

  • Monty Saha

    Monty Saha

    17 days ago

    We already know how englanders are 😏
    Gentleman outside & hooligan inside

  • Rndjcirnedjdiejns


    17 days ago

    A lot of fake news

  • blue bird

    blue bird

    17 days ago

    Spoilt scrawny brats

  • D


    17 days ago

    10 year ban! Simple.



    17 days ago

    NOT all were hooligans or causing trouble some were standing chanting watching I was there THEY ARE ONLY SHOWING THE BAD FANS NOT THE GOOD FANS BUT YOU DONT SELL NEWSPAPERS SHOWING THE GOOD FANS 🚜🚜🚜🚜🚜⚽️

  • ejuve


    17 days ago

    It's nice to see the hooligans get in the stadium all to watch England lose!!! Forzaaa Italia!

  • Vicks Vicks

    Vicks Vicks

    17 days ago

    Really shameful ..
    And they call themselves "The great bratin'

  • Lloyd George

    Lloyd George

    17 days ago

    Savages is the best way to describe these dysfunctional ppl

  • Sweet F_A

    Sweet F_A

    17 days ago

    "Impassable road of terror" - a tad dramatic no??

  • Aladdin Sane

    Aladdin Sane

    17 days ago

    Never ever a country deserved a title less than England. Wtf is wrong with you?

  • Motivational videos

    Motivational videos

    17 days ago

    Soo this kind of animal type people dont deserve eurocup 🤬🤬🤬

  • Tommaso Vasta

    Tommaso Vasta

    17 days ago

    NEVER AGAIN in England.

  • navielgreen


    17 days ago

    Nuke 'em from orbit . . .

  • Chris W

    Chris W

    17 days ago

    The stupid music completely sanitises what went on here. See BBC or ITV coverage for the full picture.

  • Spyder Spyder

    Spyder Spyder

    17 days ago

    2021?!??! This is the reason that England or even Great Britain be banned for life to host.

  • A J

    A J

    17 days ago

    Saw worse violence with BLM all last year

  • JustALittleHEEHEE


    17 days ago

    Look, kids! A mob of alcoholic man-children!

  • Alien Xeliose

    Alien Xeliose

    18 days ago

    Hooligans have been allowed to fester for yrs . You want to discourage them? Get your military with water hoses and bullets out there... that will discourage them more than your stupid words ever will.

  • Ezra Zavala

    Ezra Zavala

    18 days ago

    It seems like England deserved to lose. Andiamo Italia from a Mexican American.

    • Mick Davis

      Mick Davis

      10 days ago


  • Jock Anderson craig

    Jock Anderson craig

    18 days ago

    For "Hooligan" read ENGLAND psyche!

  • SiLoJayLo


    18 days ago


  • Nick G

    Nick G

    18 days ago

    Everyone thinks these are England’s ‘hooligans’. Laughable! Just a bunch of scarfers and anoraks. England’s top boys all banned. That’s not a mob.

  • Rimanio pieppolipe

    Rimanio pieppolipe

    18 days ago

    Police has to shot....

  • Ricky AL

    Ricky AL

    18 days ago

    Very (drunk) british behavior....

  • Roverlutionary619


    18 days ago

    England fans involved in all that trouble are a disgrace

  • Berk Onat

    Berk Onat

    18 days ago

    You are very hypocrite YouTube. Delete my comments but keep the person’s comment’s who write moron to me. I hope youtube will be disbanned. Rubbish nationalistic fascists