Di María: "I Thanked Messi And He Thanked Me"

Published on Jul 11, 2021
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Di Maria, in disbelief after Argentina's Copa America win, spoke about his conversation with Messi before and after the final against Brazil.

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  • Killer Smile

    Killer Smile

    12 hours ago




    2 days ago


  • Nicolas Buela

    Nicolas Buela

    5 days ago


  • Nicolas Buela

    Nicolas Buela

    5 days ago

    TE AMO!!!

  • Sandy Joseph

    Sandy Joseph

    5 days ago

    Thank God it was Di Maria and not Higuain

  • Samanaye Cisse

    Samanaye Cisse

    10 days ago

    Di Maria mostly delivers in crucial matches. He's one of the most consistent players at both club and international level.
    He's been Argentina's best player after Messi for a long time.
    Pure class. His ego is also quite minimal.

  • Zulharriansyah Syamsul

    Zulharriansyah Syamsul

    10 days ago

    he score similar goal during Olympics football finals 2008

  • Amrit Sunar

    Amrit Sunar

    12 days ago

    One of the best player with very good attitude 💕

  • CR7 Football

    CR7 Football

    13 days ago

    i love maria

  • Jose Hernandez

    Jose Hernandez

    14 days ago

    If he would’ve played and aguero it would’ve been over they would’ve took some championships in the past

  • Amir Gurung

    Amir Gurung

    16 days ago

    Now I believe that The history would have been different if Di’Maria was in 2014 WC final. He’s on his prime after winning UCL with RM.

  • Jialin Li

    Jialin Li

    16 days ago

    He is a legend. I started to watch him play and score in the final, when Argentina winning the 2008 Olympics title.

  • Beneldus Antonio

    Beneldus Antonio

    16 days ago

    Hey everyone it's Jeff Cavillere brother

  • Juan Battini

    Juan Battini

    17 days ago

    if Di Maria plays in those other three finals, Argentina wins a world cup and two more Copa Americas

  • Kele


    17 days ago

    Messi.needed help..thats what has been lacking.....he helps the team althru competitions and needs help at the end...thats what DiMaria is meant for......awesome..worlD cup next!!!

  • Monish Bohra

    Monish Bohra

    17 days ago

    Even during world cup final he missed d game that was big blow for ARG

  • Moni


    17 days ago

    So true if Di Maria played the 🚾 final then Argentina would've won the 🚾

  • Sandip mahat11

    Sandip mahat11

    17 days ago

    We would have won the world cup...

  • Set Pul

    Set Pul

    17 days ago

    bruh Messi is the only one didnt play- dont thank Messi- Thank your keeper 🥅

  • Carlos Velasquez

    Carlos Velasquez

    18 days ago

    Excuse my ignorance, but I didn't know he wasn't in the other finals , of course Argentina would have won the other finals with the Super Genius Di Maria because we all know Gonzalo Higuain is the reason Argentina lost the other finals

  • Anthony Onyewadume

    Anthony Onyewadume

    18 days ago

    Not on Di Maria...If they had better managers to get a Tevez on the squad, they won't have lost any of those finals. Imagine not inviting Tevez and Benching Aguero, then expecting Messi to do Magic. Silly coaches. You can't ask for a better attacking trio

  • jaanu2222


    18 days ago

    di maria has always been a great supporter for any team he played with , his performance was either good or great he never gone below that no matter what the whole team was playing like , he is a crucial player , for argentina or psg or whichever team he go , he either scores or support , and a great partner with messi

  • Ka Jingtip Technology

    Ka Jingtip Technology

    18 days ago

    Yet Manchester United let him go 🤣🤣 the scumbags lost a match winner

  • sagar adhikari

    sagar adhikari

    18 days ago

    If he could only play 2014 final

  • Tyler T

    Tyler T

    18 days ago

    if di maria not injured, argentina would have won 2014 wc, 2015 and 2016 copa america... please don't got injured again next year in wc 2022

  • José Maria Elias Branco

    José Maria Elias Branco

    18 days ago


  • Ashraful uzzal

    Ashraful uzzal

    18 days ago

    We missed him the most in 2014😥

  • Nathaly Kim

    Nathaly Kim

    18 days ago

    I'm from Brazil, but I can't deny, he played so damn well, changed the team when he was on the field

  • Bush Pilot

    Bush Pilot

    19 days ago

    Messi and DiMaria did what Messi was expecting from Higuain.

  • Fusch Fush

    Fusch Fush

    19 days ago

    beside Brasil who is a good competitior in copa ????

  • Axhan


    19 days ago

    The glory days of El Classico war
    This man was there in the front line

  • king Kohli

    king Kohli

    19 days ago

    I saw first match of italy and 100% sure that italy will won european championship.

  • king Kohli

    king Kohli

    19 days ago

    If you played final 2014 world cup and higuain don't then argentina 1000% could win the world cup.

  • Sakhiat Pale

    Sakhiat Pale

    19 days ago

    Only players india can speak English

  • José Luis Batres

    José Luis Batres

    19 days ago

    If Bein wants better translation, I’m here for you. Spanish is one of the most widely spoken languages, and this does not do justice to Ángel and what he was saying.
    Aplausos para Argentina, Ángel , Messi y compañía

  • Mohammad abdullah

    Mohammad abdullah

    19 days ago

    People with ears like Di Maria as dangerous .

  • RamirezHD


    19 days ago

    Q celebre El fideo. Un golazo q se hizo con sangre fría. Y le dió la copa a su país.

  • wilhem junior

    wilhem junior

    19 days ago

    That mean we gone get that World Cup next year💯

  • Anbu hen

    Anbu hen

    19 days ago

    Di Maria is a crack 🔥🔥🔥

  • Behemoth


    19 days ago

    Dude somehow is playing better in this late age, He was going past opposition players effortlessly. It was incredible to watch.

  • warrenwolfe


    19 days ago


  • bibek alright

    bibek alright

    20 days ago

    What a game by the whole team. DEPAUL was running the show. He had a flawless game, MOTM for me alongside DiMaria as he scored the winning goal. DePaul game I would put right up in the top 15 of all time.

  • Larry Ousman

    Larry Ousman

    20 days ago

    Many forget that Di Maria was on fire in the 2014 WC but got injured and could not play in the final.

  • darin


    20 days ago

    Di maria is very underrated, people focus on messi winning copa america but di maria scored the winning goal, and people focus on mbappe or neymar in psg, but the actual goat of psg is di maria. He is very underrated

  • Iman Mustagrudic

    Iman Mustagrudic

    20 days ago

    Shame it was fixed , this is cirkus .

  • Yew W.

    Yew W.

    20 days ago

    we call him ANGEL here!



    20 days ago

    DiMaria: if I played those finals

  • FrankKk Bard0n

    FrankKk Bard0n

    20 days ago

    " I Cant help but wonder what would happen if i had been in those finals..." We all wonder that, man, we all do. Argentina always played its best games with Di maria on the game.

  • Alex Choy

    Alex Choy

    20 days ago

    Di Maria underrated. He can also change a game by himself too

  • hussein mohamed

    hussein mohamed

    20 days ago

    Messi, Di Maria Aguero = Generational talents 🔥

  • Aldo Ringo

    Aldo Ringo

    20 days ago

    Di Maria's accent is so good that I feel like I, who knows about 3 words of Spanish, understand what he's saying.

  • Julian Harris

    Julian Harris

    20 days ago

    Di Maria is a baller! I love his game!! I'm very happy for him!!

  • Ihsan


    20 days ago

    especially the wc final..Argentina was in a winning streak..and the winning combination was broken when they injured Di Maria by the giant called Xhaka right before final, without a doubt this was to prevent Argentina from winning the wc

  • Viridescentlycanthrope X

    Viridescentlycanthrope X

    20 days ago

    Man utd literally tried to destroy his career.

  • maximillion. 7

    maximillion. 7

    20 days ago

    I beleived i prayed for argentina it was a long wait but god listens to prayers. And all the team whole team made the greatest effort. And worked very had together and thanks to lionel scaloni who is the great part of the beggining of more and more success for argentina 👑❤🎩🎓.......campeones campeones hey 😆😆😆

  • Amritanshu Srivastava

    Amritanshu Srivastava

    20 days ago

    Argentinian forwards are always a delight to watch in top form
    Di maria Aguero Dybala Icardi Higuan and especially GOAT MESSI thinking all 5 of them play together in one lineup at the same time 🤔🤔

  • Sharmistha's World

    Sharmistha's World

    20 days ago

    *Many congratulations to Di Maria. Lots of love from India. The timing of run and receive was fabulous. He can calmly deliver this kind of goals in any situation ❤️*

  • Abd's FF arena

    Abd's FF arena

    20 days ago


    Debate is over

    We have the goat


  • A. Jay

    A. Jay

    20 days ago

    You miss 3 finals because of injury then you play the 4th and win it, imagine what goes in his mind for the rest of his life

  • Grecko Saldivar

    Grecko Saldivar

    20 days ago

    Big game player. He scored the only goal against Nigeria in a gold medal match in Beijing Olympics.

  • luv21 corgi

    luv21 corgi

    20 days ago

    di maria should have played in the world cup and the two copa finals against chile instead of Higuain. I like higuain back in real madrid but not in the national team.

  • ||Barcamessiful Productions||

    ||Barcamessiful Productions||

    20 days ago

    If only he played against Germany in 2014.. 😫

  • The Shield

    The Shield

    20 days ago

    First time ive heard him talk

  • Ty B

    Ty B

    21 day ago

    Di Maria single handely is A legend not only for Argentina but Real Madrid as well

  • Thomas Peiker

    Thomas Peiker

    21 day ago

    Di Maria, one of the best technical players in the world, executor 👍

  • LU IS

    LU IS

    21 day ago

    Di Maria is one of the most underrated players in the world!! If he had played the final of the world cup in 2014, Argentina would surely be world champion!! I'm glad Messi and Di María won the Copa América this time!!

  • David Makuc

    David Makuc

    21 day ago

    why didnt di maria played all other three finals

  • Domenico Scarpa

    Domenico Scarpa

    21 day ago

    Bravi fratelli

  • Domenico Scarpa

    Domenico Scarpa

    21 day ago

    Forza ialia⛰👊🙏

  • Syahrul


    21 day ago

    higuain didn't play.. If not u guys won't be champion

  • FrogSaron


    21 day ago

    And Di Maria once again saves flop Messi from another trophy less tournement. The goat cant even score on blank point while Di Maria just makes every goal easy.

  • Margwat


    21 day ago

    Thank god Higuain wasn't with them this year

  • harith danial

    harith danial

    21 day ago

    Why people start compare mbape with henry lol?even mbape not close to prime di maria at real madrid



    21 day ago

    Dimaria is good player, a talent for sure, He doesn't numb in final but messi is numb. this final, defender play very well



    21 day ago

    Di maria was the motivator for the Attacking Argentina 🔥



    21 day ago

    Di Maria Is soooo Underrated

  • Kaushal Mehta

    Kaushal Mehta

    21 day ago

    If you see psg ...more than mbappe di maria carries the team

  • Pride Manuel

    Pride Manuel

    21 day ago

    *Di Maria has always been an Argentinian hero!*

  • Lewi Yonas

    Lewi Yonas

    21 day ago

    I cannot believe to this DAY di Maria didn’t play the 2014 wc final cause Bumintino Perez didn’t want him to just to sell him to United when he came back that summer 😭😭

  • Lewi Yonas

    Lewi Yonas

    21 day ago

    Ik the argument has been that Messi has had no help and that they needed to win for him…. Di Maria has been the only player that has consistently performed in an Argentine shirt beside Messi and deserved this trophy just as much as Messi (if only they had him in 2014 wc final….)

  • Caden


    21 day ago

    Di Maria is the kind of player you need to have in a final, Master move from Scaloni for keeping him fresh across the competition so he could use his talent in the final game 👏👏👏

  • Ivan Magnussen

    Ivan Magnussen

    21 day ago

    He is very despised and discriminated only for his appearance in Argentina, he does not deserve any of that

  • karmichael neira

    karmichael neira

    21 day ago


  • Imraz Ramzan

    Imraz Ramzan

    21 day ago

    You got one more di maria.. World Cup next year.. I want you guys to win

  • it'sSHAZ


    21 day ago

    Before the Copa.. I was only a Messi fan after the Copa i became a fan of Di Maria and the whole of Argentina. The love and friendship they showed towards Messi immediately after the final whistle was so emotional. I love this team!

  • AFF HB

    AFF HB

    21 day ago

    To be frankly, it is the gambling companies that didn't allow Messi to won titles with Argentina, regardless of who were Messi teammates. They finally let him won one, since they had earned enough from the people betting on Messi winning titles. And this is most likely his last chance. Technically, if Di Maria played in 2014 final, Argentina would score first for sure and that would mean they would win. Unfortunately the sport entity that hated Messi most in the world decided if Di Maria could play or not.

  • cool bian

    cool bian

    21 day ago

    Argentina would have world cup if di Maria played

  • Alex Ebanda

    Alex Ebanda

    21 day ago

    Let this not distract you from the fact that Messi is gonna get 7 ballons d'or like Ronaldo's 7 Jersey's bib.

  • Erry Moestafa

    Erry Moestafa

    21 day ago

    German fan here.. Very happy to see Messi and Di Maria finally win a major tournament. Congrats to Argentina.

  • swyrik thupili

    swyrik thupili

    21 day ago

    I hope they win the world cup in 2022 with Angel di Maria and Lionel Messi 🙌

  • Emerson Sorto

    Emerson Sorto

    21 day ago

    Grande Di Maria!!

  • Miguel L

    Miguel L

    21 day ago

    The most consistent winger of the last decade, without question. From a Barça fan.

  • Nami Nami

    Nami Nami

    21 day ago

    WC14 final was there for the taking. Di Maria was injured but we got Lavezzi who was tormenting Germany defense too. Then he got injured as well, subbed off during the break and we lost all momentum. Even then, we created better chance but Palacio couldn’t finish. Next year we go again! We have good chance. Its fine if we dont win but another strong showing would be nice.

  • Shock


    21 day ago

    They put Palacio at WC Final instead of DiMaria.. mind-blowing.

  • Ariel Partida

    Ariel Partida

    21 day ago

    Nunca te hubieras ido del Madrid eres un grande campeón !
    saludos desde los angeles 🤙

  • Chhavimani Choubey

    Chhavimani Choubey

    21 day ago

    thank you di maria🥰 for giving our god what he desired.

  • laboratorio 713

    laboratorio 713

    21 day ago

    Grande fideo

  • Vic Rattlehead

    Vic Rattlehead

    21 day ago

    Anyone should see a photo of his ankle after the match. Its swollen like a melon. Bigger swollen than Maradona's ankle in WC 90.

  • raj luffy

    raj luffy

    22 days ago

    dont worry we gonna win 2022 world cup too.. Mess will finsh the unfinsihed businees at argentina to won world cup which he coulnt do at 2014

  • royalblues


    22 days ago

    Without Di Maria mabape cannot be ball to score